Top 16 Best RCA Car Amplifier Interconnect Cables Of 2022 - Best Picks

RCA Car Amplifier Interconnect Cables are the next generation of high-performance interconnect cables. They offer a wide range of features and performance with unique sizes, materials, and designs that make them ideal for your sound systems.

Car audio wire & connector cables – the latest RCA cables with new designs, performance, and best-in-class sound. Find all your car audio wire needs here.

Find the top RCA car amplifier interconnect cables from Amphenol, North American Audio, Kenwood, Behringer, and more. RCA Car Amplifier Interconnect Cables is your source for the best selection of professional quality car amplifiers.

Review: Top 16 Best RCA Car Amplifier Interconnect Cables

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  • 4-Channel 4000 Series RCA Interconnect Cable
  • Oversized OFC conductors provide excellent sound quality.These RCA Interconnects are available in 2-Channel, 4-Channel, 6-Channel, Male/Female Adapters, Video, & Audio/Video configurations and range from 1.5 feet up to 20 foot lengths
  • Nickel-plated connectors for excellent signal transfer
  • This Two-Channel Q-Series Interconnect is One Meter (Three Feet, Three Inches) long.
  • Braided jacketing ensures this rugged cable endures for years to come, and machined metal ends hold their shape on the terminal even over the bumpiest roads.
  • Q Series Interconnects feature split-pin RCAs with silver-tinned, OFC wire and foil shielding for superior bass response and signal clarity.
  • TWISTED-PAIR DESIGN: Twisted-pair construction helps reduce noise for enhanced sound quality. The pure copper stranded wire conductors ensure balanced frequency response, low resistance, and pure signal clarity.
  • INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: Carwires Premium Audio Y-Adapter, our 12-month replacement guarantee, friendly customer service and free technical support. We’re not happy until you’re satisfied!
  • PURE CRYSTAL-OXYGEN FREE COPPER: Carwires audio cable is made of oxygen-free copper, with no impurities that could affect a signal’s flow or add interference. You get less resistance for the best signal flow possible.
  • Product 1: 2-Channel 6000 Series RCA Interconnect Cable
  • Product 1: Split-Tip connector allows better signal transfer
  • Product 2: Adds subwoofer level controls to any head unit
  • 100% OFC Copper
  • Spiral Tehnology producing zero noize
  • Twisted pair Orange/Gray clear shielded (for superior noise reduction)
  • Micro Barrel RCA connectors fit in tight places
  • Split center pin and segmented Shells for maximum contact and reliability
  • 2 Female to Male Cable Length: 30.5cm / 12 inch
  • Female to 2 Male Cable Length: 23.5cm / 9.2 inch
  • Package Content: 2 x Car Audio Cable; Color: Blue

How to Choose The Best RCA Car Amplifier Interconnect Cables for You?

Given that there are dozens of RCA cables on the market, choosing which one is best for your car's audio system can be challenging. If you want an RCA cable for connecting your car's audio system to the amplifier of the car, you will find some excellent choices here as well. If you are looking for a high-quality, but affordable, RCA cable to connect your car audio receiver or stereo system to a speaker or amplifier, you should include Better Cables on your shortlist. With the 3.5mm Mediabridge, you can connect your handheld device to a car audio receiver, amplifier, or speakers. 

Hosa CMP-159 RCA cables are perfect for connecting signals from any car audio receiver to speakers or amps. Of course, you could connect speakers using electrical wiring if you installed weak speakers and did not have amplifiers installed, but that is supposed to be a rarity, and it will never result in powerful car audio systems. Also, an amp needs to have equal output to your audio system, otherwise, you are installing more amplifiers. If you are upgrading the speakers on the car's sound system you do not want to be relying on the amplifiers on the factory head units to power those speakers. 

The number of channels that you will need in a car amp depends on how many speakers you have in the car's audio system. Car amplifiers are best powered by a four-to-eight-gauge electric cable. The best amplifier power cables are usually under five feet (1.5 meters) long and must use a minimum of ten-gauge electrical wire. It is best to opt for a power cable with a thicker gauge that is shorter, as this cable type may give a cleaner, cleaner power to your amplifier. 

Usually, the lowest RCA cables you can buy are about three feet long, so you might need to trim them down if you do not want any extra length dangling. An RCA cable that has a good amount of shielding and is as short as you can get is the best choice for quality audio or video output. Choosing the best cable depends on how many amps you will need, and what kind of amp you are supplying. 

A typical hi-fi system will require one pair of speaker cables (two pairs if you are wiring in twos), a single long pair of interconnects between the preamplifier and power amp, and a few shorter pairs of interconnects to connect the source components, like turntables or CD players, to the preamplifier. You will need one RCA mono-stranded subwoofer cable for connecting a home theatre subwoofer to the surround receiver. You may also be able to find mini-to-RCA stereo cables that have an RCA connector at one end and a 1/ 8-inch plug at the other. 

14AWG cables are typically used for upgrades of an OEM vehicle sound system that has an added amp. If you are looking to get the best possible sound, you should have the point where you connect your speaker's wires at least 20 feet from your amp, which is considered to be a reasonable limit with most car audio systems. If you want your car's speaker wires to last a long time and sound great, ensure that they are carrying plenty of power from your amplifier to the speakers. It is essential that you match your amplifier's impedance with the speaker's impedance.

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Erin Zak By, Erin Zak