Top 16 Best Bridgeable Car Multichannel Amplifiers: Best Reviews 2022

The Ultimate Bridgeable Amplifier Line-up For Your Car - For Your Car.

The Bridgeable Car Multichannel Amplifier fits into any vehicle and delivers a perfect, unrivalled sound.

Bridgeable Car Amplifier is the world's first bridgeable multichannel amplifier. Bridgeable car amplifiers can be placed at the same time on any two seats in your vehicle to increase power and thus, improve sound quality and comfort.

Review: Top 16 Best Bridgeable Car Multichannel Amplifiers

Giselle Fox By, Giselle Fox
  • 4 x 200W @ 4 Ohms 4 x 400W @ 2 Ohms 2 x 800W @ 4 Ohm
  • Features: Nickel Plated Terminals Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Low Level Input High Level Input Low Level Output Remote Bass Knob Included Mil Spec Double-Sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Board 4-Way Protection Circuitry: Thermal, Short Circuit, Overload and DC Offset Variable Low-Pass Crossover: 50Hz - 250Hz High-Pass Crossover: 60Hz - 1.2kHz Variable Input Sensitivity: 200mV - 6V 45Hz Bass Boost: 0 - 12dB ATC Fuse: 25 Amp x 2
  • Product Dimensions: 7.01" x 2.09" x 11.81" (178 x 53 x 300mm)
  • Class A/B Topology - Class ‘A’ amplifiers have enormous amount of current flowing through its output transistors with no audio signal. Class ‘B’ amplifiers have no current flowing through its outputs with no audio signal
  • Bridgeable - Dramatically increase the power output to you speakers and subwoofers by connecting two amplifier channels
  • Power - 400 Watts Max x 4 @2-Ohms, 200 Watts Max x 4 @4-Ohms, 800 Watts Max x 2 Bridged @4 Ohms
  • Marine Grade Protection – Battle tested to withstand extreme temperatures and elements. Maintain high quality sound and full power to your speakers through any weather.
  • Easy Installation – Angled, Allen Key connectors provide easy access for hand tools allowing a quick and secure connection.
  • Full Range RCA Outputs – Dramatically reduce noise and minimize the need for additional cables running through the length of your vehicle by running your amplifier from the full range “output” RCA connections.
  • Variable high Pass filter speaker level inputs
  • 520 watts Max power
  • Automatic signal Sensing and turn-on
  • 3-way protection circuitry (thermal, overload, and speaker short protection)
  • Speaker-level (high-level) inputs
  • Max power output: 800 watts
  • Included Components: 1 Pyramid Branded Product
  • SLIM SIZE DESIGN: The car amp's small size makes installation a breeze, easy finding a spot for this little yet powerful device. Additional features include remote turn on, soft turn on/off the circuit, heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat sink & LED indicator
  • SILVER-PLATED RCA PORTS: The car audio amplifier features RCA ports that are silver-plated for eliminating signal loss. The subsonic filter allows low-end interference to be cut so your speakers will always deliver the highest quality audio
  • Variable high pass filter
  • Speaker level inputs
  • 520 Watts Max Power

How to Choose The Best Bridgeable Car Multichannel Amplifiers for You?

Whether using component speakers, subwoofers, or high-end OEM hardware, an excellent amplifier is an absolute must for a quality automotive stereo. You will almost always need a top-quality amplifier for your vehicle in order to install your aftermarket speakers and subwoofers. 

For two pairs of speakers and one subwoofer, you will want a five-channel or six-channel amplifier, but you could also fit a four-channel amp and a monoblock. If you have a subwoofer in your vehicle, you will want another dual-channel amp or a monoblock. For single-voice coil subwoofers, you can either go for a stereo amplifier and bridge that to a single channel or go for a single-channel monoblock amplifier. You will want a channel per speaker unless you are adding the subwoofer into a system, in which case a single-channel amplifier would work. 

If you only have three speakers, you can leave one channel unused, and that does not affect the amp at all. If you love rear-filling audio in your car, and you want to keep the faders from front to back, go with a four-channel amp - one channel per speaker. If you want to add a subwoofer and give more power to the full-range speakers back there, then a 4-channel amplifier is your best bet. A more cost-effective way to update the audio system without changing your stereo or the factory speakers is to get a compact 4-channel amplifier that boosts power for both your front and rear speakers. 

You could opt for a 5-channel amp to power front and rear speakers, as well as the subwoofer, and you would be in full control over the output of each set. You can use a two-channel amplifier to run two woofers or two coaxial speakers, or you can combine them to run a single subwoofer or run two sets of coaxial speakers. You can typically bridge two separate channels to one mono channel for powering one subwoofer. These can be set up to power 4 speakers; you could use two channels for your mids and treble, and bridge two more channels to get a 3-channel (mids + treble + subwoofer) set-up, or you could pair two channels together to get a high-power 2-channel set-up. 

We suggest looking for multichannel amps if you are driving more than just a small group of speakers, or a single small subwoofer. A two-channel amplifier would be the practical choice if you need to only power a single pair of speakers. The number of channels that your vehicle amp needs depends on how many speakers you have in your vehicle's audio system. If you are upgrading the speakers in your car's audio system, you do not want to be dependent on the amps on your factory head unit to power those speakers. 

When it comes to 2-channel amps versus 4-channel amplifiers, your car's ideal amp depends on how many subwoofers and speakers you have, as well as how powerful they are. Five-channel and six-channel amps may be used for speakers located in the back or front parts of your vehicle. Finally, multichannel amplifiers may be used for both subwoofers and full-range speakers. Whether you are looking to power a pair of our recommended best in-car speakers or a pair of monster subwoofers in your car, you will need to have one of our best amp choices provide the necessary horsepower for your system to sound awesome.

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